CookieFrom Bethany Mitchell:

"My partner and I adopted a cat from you just over a month ago and I would like to say thank you for all your help with the process. The lady my partner spoke to on the phone was very helpful and Hannah & her partner (fosterers) were extremely helpful & lovely. They told us everything we needed to know and answered all our questions.

Cookie is absolute perfection! She's weird & wonderful and very spoiled. I can't imagine our lives without her! I always look forward to coming home and being greeted by her. She loves cuddles, treats, being brushed & running up and down the stairs (mainly in the middle of the night!)

Thank you for your great service.

Many thanks."
From Julia Clarke, Bradford on Avon:Leo

“Just to say we are absolutely loving and enjoying Leo.  He has such a lovely nature. He follows me around whenever he's awake and has found special places to sleep.   He ventures early evening outside for a longer spell and seems happy to sleep the night away indoors outside my bedroom!  His coat is shiny and soft. He loves the sides of his face being rubbed and will sit on me if I've lit the fire! He is beautiful thank you. ..and company for me definitely.”

From Elaine Leighton:

"Brought our new baby home today! Very helpful people and very honest about the cats. First impressions would seem to support the fact that our new cat fits well."

From Sue Elbourn:

"We have just adopted the most beautiful cat called Lily. She had been looked after so well by Judy her fosterer. Lily has settled in so well boss of the house already. Cannot thank the Charity enough for letting us have Lily".

From Louise & Tim Koncowski:Rocky and Boo

We recently adopted JD & Coke (now Rocky and Boo) from the Cats Action Trust. We met with the charity's Karine & Tim, who were so lovely and completely dedicated to ensuring the cats went to a good home. All of the cats they foster were so well looked after. It's a wonderful charity. Rocky and Boo are now settling into their new home and we'd like to say a BIG thank you to Cats Action Trust for giving us these two little bundles.
From Elicia Boon:Poppy

We have just adopted a lovely cat from the Cats Action Trust and could not have been happier with the process. Carole, who fostered Poppy before she was re-homed with us, was lovely and incredibly thorough. We met a number of the cats she was fostering who were all clearly very well looked after and cared for and it was clear to us that Carole was very knowledgeable and also wanted to be sure each cat was homed with the right people. She spent a long time talking to us to get ...an idea of the type of people we are and therefore whether we would be suitable to adopt a cat and we were very happy with the fact she came to conduct a home visit with us prior to us adopting Poppy. As she brought Poppy with her on the home visit it meant she could observe Poppy with us before leaving her and she also called me a week later for an update and to check whether we had any questions or concerns which again I thought was lovely. Poppy had such a sad start in life and we are so happy to be able to give her a loving home. I would definitely recommend the Cats Action Trust, we thought they were fantastic!
FreddieFrom Kerry Edwards:

"We have just adopted little Freddie. I was really impressed with how we were checked out, making sure that Freddie was going to a good home. The pens that the cats were kept in were spotless and so cozy. What amazing work you guys do! Well done ! Freddie (now Eddie) is absolutely gorgeous! thank you!"
From Amanda Bridgeman: Molly

"We adopted a lovely little cat called Molly, so far so good, she has settled in exceptionally well. The Trust were a pleasure to deal with, with a very quick turn around. We saw molly on the Monday and she came to stay on the Thursday."
From Jan Thornton:M'ow

"Our handsome boy continues to thrive. First sight was a close up photo of a grumpy ginger mog, in need of a brush with eyes that told you he was a little bit of a lost soul. First meeting? He instantly appeared from a far flung spot in the garden. That was it. He needed us as much as we needed him. A few days later he arrived at our home, a little disgruntled, unsettled and understandably apprehensive about his new home. 

During the first couple of days lots of reassurance and loving was given. We recognised the fact keeping him in for three weeks would cause more problems, a decision was made on day three to open the windows slightly to allow him to pick up local smells. By the end of day 4 he was outside gardening with me. We learnt he had no name recognition, but did respond to a gentle cat call, he was named M'ow. He was terrified of being outside and not being able to get back in through exactly the same door or window he had exited by. It took weeks to help him understand all of the doors and windows were his to use.  He hated raised voices and hated being alone. He needed to keep us on his radar at all times.  Lots of blinking, lots of love, lots of face nudging with an endless supply of fresh food. He sleeps with us at night. Only kind words even when he brings home uninvited friends! Importantly he now knows all of his main body parts, eyes, ears, nose neck teeth arms legs belly hands feet claws and grumpy tail, why is this important? A cat who has not been handled for years needs to know where you are going to touch him. It means I can clean his ears, stroke his feet and I can check his teeth because he knows exactly which part of him is going to be touched. Nipping is often a problem with anxious or grumpy cats, if they know where and when they are going to be touched it can help to speed up the desensitizing process. Most importantly M'ow is learning how to be loved, that we are not a threat.

He has blossomed into handsome contented cat with a growing belly. He is at ease when we go out and always pleased to see us when we return. He is never more than a few feet away. His coat is as soft as glistening gold silk, thick and luxurious. Eyes bright.  He is loved and knows it, not in a selfish indulgent cat way, much more humble and gentle, a cat that has known hard lonely times.  His wandering days are over, M'ow is the most perfect companion we would not be without him."

From Helen Marie Forsyth Luna

"Just thought I'd send you a photo of a cat we adopted from you about two years ago. She was skinny and nervous back then but now she's content, quite big and sleeps on my boy's bed most nights! She was called Poppy, but we decided new life, new family, new name and now she is known as Luna! We adore her."
From Peter NobesOreo and Evee

"Just to let you know that Maisy and Becky (now called Oreo and Eevee) have settled in really well with us.  I've attached a picture of them snoozing in the conservatory sunshine..Eevee is on the left.  It was a pleasure dealing with your charity; you arranged a viewing within hours of me contacting you and they were with us within a week. We would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of re-homing a kitten / cat."
From Stephanie Stephenson - MelkshamCharlie

"The Story of Charlie. Totally male totally black, he first came to my notice as a kitten, shyly watching me with my two... cats, from behind the front gate pillar. I saw him being chased off a property in the main road by a cat, right in front of an oncoming car who had no time to brake, miraculously he emerged unhurt from under the vehicle. Later, he pressed his paws against my conservatory door, his eyes were desperate and his voice was plaintiff. When I gave him some food, he gulped it down with such gratitude to me, I was overwhelmed. He was extremely thin in the face, his coat was matted with mud. I made a home for him in the garden, converted an old log store, with a canvas over, with a wicker basket inside, so he'd have somewhere to go if he needed to. He'd come for food, pressing up against the conservatory door, and in severe weather, he didn't want to go, and slept a while in the conservatory until he felt it was time to leave. He was very clean in his behaviour for a tom. Knowing I had to find his family, if he had one, I took him along to the vets to be checked for a chip, which turned out to be negative. Having already got two beautiful cats from the  Cat Action Trust, I rang them up, and explained the situation. They were very professional, very considerate of my need to find him a permanent home as soon as possible. They found a place for him in one of their local foster shelters, with a caring couple who soon put my fears for him to rest. 'Puss puss' was given a more suitable name, Charlie, ironically the same name as a cat of mine who had died a few years before. Two months later, Charlie found his own home, after living rough for months as a kitten, in all weathers, passing through two temporary homes, he has all the comforts he deserves,  and I couldn't be happier for him. Thank you so much, Cat Action Trust."

From Kate & Ron George, Lacock

"Thank you again for making Charlie's adoption so straightforward and quick. We are very happy with Charlie and look forward to you visiting us and him."

TwinkleFrom Helen Seymour - Bath:

"Our experience with Cats Action Trust was tremendously positive and everyone was very professional, kind and caring. Keep up the good work. You've brought a little bundle of joy to our house. Our home is so much happier with Twinkle in it."

AthosFrom Hannah & Leon, Corsham:

"As you know, we adopted Benji from you on the 5th January 2016. An absolutely beautiful cat, he was scared, timid and wary of people but we knew we wanted to put in the time and effort to make him realise how lovely humans can be. We have renamed him Athos - like the musketeer - brave, charming and handsome. He is already responding to his name and comes running when called! We were prepared for Athos to take a long time to settle in and relax but he has surprised everyone! He happily wanders about the whole house, enjoys playing on the stairs and has been sitting on my lap in front of the fire every single night! He has even let some visitors stroke him.  So a big thank you to the Cats Action Trust for matching us with our truly perfect companion."
From Hannah Smyth, Chippenham:

"Cats Action Trust were brilliant when we were looking for a cat - both visits were organised easily and they were careful to ensure we were matched with the right cat. Athos is now completely part of the family and life wouldn't be the same without him!"

From Jennifer Bertram

"Couldn't have wished for better cats! Cats Action Trust is easy to deal with and friendly. All together a quick and smooth process."
NandyFrom Gemma Baker:

"We got our beautiful cat Nandi from Cats Action Trust - she has been with us almost a year and has become a lovely family member (apart from being totally crackers too!). Everyone at the Trust is lovely and really care about what they do - if you have a home to give, then please go and see them x"
From Rebecca Strange:

"Absolutely wonderful. We got both our beautiful girls from here and they are so loving and affectionate. Maisey and Milly were very healthy and well looked after by their wonderful foster carer. Please everyone help this truly amazing charity with the fantastic work they do"

From Susan Herd:

"Got my lovely Gracie (known to them as Phoebe), this time last year, only a few months old. I have 3 oldies (19, 18 & 17) and one who is 7, she has fitted in so well. Thank you Cats Action Trust

From Karen Davis:

"Great work. I adopted two kittens, a brother and sister 8 years ago from Cats Action Trust. They are happy, healthy beautiful cats."

From  Rosalie Struthers:

"Lovely people who do great work. I got a beautiful older cat from them, and recommend them to others looking to rehome a cat."

From  Sue Deegan:

"Brilliant, we got both our lovely boys from here. Love them both to bits. A great charity to deal with."

From Charlotte Law:

"A wonderful charity who led me to my lovely boy, eternally grateful."

From Debbie Mallett:

"A wonderful rescue run by dedicated cat lovers. My two gorgeous cats came from here."

From Cheryl Bloom:

"So helpful...I've found a cat and they could not be more helpful."

From Claire Reader:

"Fabulous organisation"

OllyFrom John & Margaret Craig, Devizes:

"We feel very blessed and privileged to have Ollie as part of our family. We are so grateful to Cats Action Trust for facilitating the adoption process. It was a pleasure to meet you. Keep up the good work of fostering and good luck with all that you do for the Trust".