We have a register of cats reported as missing in the north and west of Wiltshire. Please let us have your details with a current photo if one is available (sent in reduced size to the web site)  and we will display them . We need to know when your pet was lost, the area the cat went missing from, colour and whether male or female. Please let us know if your cat returns.

For further details please contact our call centre : Sat, Sun, Mon & Tues ring 01225 590640 Weds, Thurs & Fri ring 01672- 851905


Missing from Melksham
May 2018

A blue point Siamese boy Vito has been missing since Friday 18th May from Linnet Lane in Melksham; he has a very loud miaow and should make a noise if you call his name. His owners are very worried as he never ventures far from their drive. He is 11 years old now and is a very homely cat. Please phone: 07921835342 if found.


Missing from Ferris Way/Paxcroft Mead
9 May 2018

The beautiful Coco has been missing from Ferris Way/Paxcroft Mead since Wednesday 9th May. She must have escaped an open door at some point. She’s 9 months old, not yet chipped, friendly but most probably nervous and scared somewhere. Please contact her owner if there are any possible sightings anywhere, she’s very missed and this is very out of character. Tel: 07720268499


Missing from
Westbury Leigh
March 2018

A 7 year old neutered male black and white cat from Westbury Leigh has not been home for 4 days. He is microchipped and this is extremely out of character for him. If you come across one matching his photo please let his owner know. His name is Gandalf. Thank you very much
Alexa Maultby


Missing from Calne
12 March 2018

Bono is five and a half years old, very timid, wary of people and can be quite vocal. He has a white face and tabby markings on his head, like an inverted "W". His ears are brown with distinct white markings like a jigsaw puzzle. Tabby back and hind legs, front legs and chest are white, with a large tabby spot in the middle of his chest. He has black paw pads and both ears have a nick on them. He has no collar but is micro-chipped. Please contact www.animalsearchuk.co.uk/ALP344702.

Bradford black

Bradford grey

Missing from Bradford-On-Avon
17 February 2018

One black kitten and one grey cat; the grey one is a bit timid but the black kitten is very friendly. The grey cat is micro-chipped but in its previous owner's name; the black kitten has not yet been chipped; They have both disappeared from 77 Poulton, Bradford on Avon; if you see them, please call their owner Gina Burton on 0737865115.

Maine Coon

Missing from Bradford on Avon
23 February 2018

My one and a half year old ginger male Maine Coon has gone missing. Last seen Friday 23rd Feb in the Bradford on Avon area. He's large, 7kg, and is scared of dogs and loud noises. He likes to wander and makes friends with other cats and some people - he's very particular and usually only likes me. He can be aggressive when scared due to being attacked by 2 dogs when only a kitten. He has very long hair, belly was recently clipped because of matted fur. He's neutered and micro-chipped. Micro-chipping company have been made aware and put on alert, as have most local vets. Photos below - if you see him please call me urgently. Thank you, Irulan Horner. Tel 07815 77 46 45
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