The Feline Immunodeficiency virus reduces the cats immune system leaving them vulnerable to other feline infections, but in itself is not life threatening.  With careful attention to diet and general health an FIV cat can have a long and healthy life.  An FIV cat would need to be an indoor cat, with no other felines present and access to a fully enclosed secure garden would be ideal.


This handsome 5 year old black male cat was found as a stray in Trowbridge and was brought into the Trust on 20th June 2016 after being neutered by Garston Vets in Trowbridge. Routine blood tests revealed that he was FIV positive and so had to be homed as a single, indoor cat. His friendly, outgoing and affectionate character made him an ideal companion for someone spending a lot of time at home as he was so desperate for human contact and cuddles. After just 10 days of fostering, he was adopted by a lovely retired lady living on her own in Melksham who had sadly lost her beloved dog 5 weeks previously. She was greatly missing the company of a pet and fell instantly in love with this gorgeous boy. The 2 of them now live very happily together in perfect harmony.