Short History

Originally set up at Neston in North Wiltshire in 1981 and registered as a charity in 1995. The organisation now has carers around the district who provide foster homes and other support.

What is Cats Action Trust (N & W Wilts) ?

We rescue and re-home abandoned cats and kittens. Each cat is thoroughly vet checked, including a blood test for  Feline Aids and Feline Leukaemia in order to help reduce the spread of these contagious diseases.

Cats are neutered - a major aspect of the Trust's work is to try to keep down the number of unwanted kittens.

Once checked the new arrival is placed at one of our foster homes where it will be given unstinted love and attention whether its stay is long or short.

Our fosterers live in Melksham, Chippenham, Bromham, Trowbridge, Pewsey.

All prospective homes are carefully checked before cats can be re-homed. We try hard to match temperaments of cats and new owners.

How is it run ?

Cats Action Trust (N & W Wilts) is a voluntary group aiming to provide assistance to the people who live in North and West Wiltshire. This means we cover rural areas as well as towns and villages within approximately a 20 mile radius of Melksham.

Expenses are high : vet bills, food, cat litter and heating, not forgetting the cost of pens which range upwards from 1000. Funds are mainly raised by our charity shop in Melksham and various donations. Average monthly costs are 1850.

99% of the cats coming in to us are re-homed. Sometimes animals are too sick, old or difficult to put into a family home, in which case we care for them as long as possible, believing that they deserve comfort and happiness even if their life is almost over. Euthanasia is a final resort and is only ever carried out if the cat is suffering and has no hope of recovery.


Raising funds is one of the main aspects of our work. These come from donations, the sale of items in our Melksham shop, jumble and car boot sales, sponsored events, raffles and draws, coffee mornings etc.

Each year our expenses continue to rise yet despite growing awareness of the need for a national neutering programme, the number of cats and kittens continues to rise.

We rely on cat-lovers to fund and support our work and a donation is expected for each cat/kitten homed.

Funds are raised through asking for all donations to be made under the Government's Gift Aid Scheme for Charities.

For more information please see the 'Please help us page'

Friends of cats - Can you help ?

Please consider becoming a friend of C.A.T.

The cost is just 10 per year. For this you will receive a membership card, newsletter informing you of the Trust's activities, plus invitations to C.A.T. events.

For membership enquiries please write  to our Membership Secretary:
Tracy Waldron
Cats Action Trust (N. & W.Wilts)
9 Bath Road
Wiltshire SN12 6LL

Please also let us know if you are willing to help with our work in any way.

We also need shop helpers in our Charity Shop in Melksham. Please visit our "Our Shop" page.